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About Us

zurich photo en thumbA politically independent, nonpartisan organization based in Zurich set up in July 2011. It was created to promote and realize the “Swiss Gold Coin Currency.“ It consists of members from all over Switzerland, including senior figures from business, politics, media and science.

Verein Goldfranken
Heizenholz 11
8049 Zürich
Tel. 076 370 1844
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Executive Team

thomas memberThomas Jacob
President and initiator Gold Coin Initiative and Gold Franc Association

Swissair pilot, instructor in finance and insurance sector

"The Swiss political system gives us unique prerequisites for realizing this project. Therefore I consider it almost as our historic commitment."


Hensch memberDr. sc. nat. Andreas Hensch
Vice President, Head of Fundraising of Gold Franc Association

Fund and risk manager at a major bank, business developer for high-security solutions in data and high value goods sector 

“Personal responsibility and freedom of choice are essential for the development of each individual and of society. This requires a certain degree of prosperity and independence. The gold coins make an important and valuable contribution to this end.”

In alphabetical order

Maurizio memberMaurizio Galli 

Head IT of Gold Franc Association 

Software Engineer in banking and logistics 

"I like the fact that the gold coins can reduce the pressure on the Swiss franc and this without harmful side effects."



Stefan memberDr.sc.nat. Stefan Jacob

Head of Marketing & Communications in the Gold Franc Association 

Nuclear and particle physics, ETH Zurich; Strategy consultant and financial sales expert, independent entrepreneur.

“Swissair and UBS have taught us that mere faith is a bad financial strategy. Our paper money is based on faith in the financial system. Gold on the other hand provides financial security independent of faith."

Pamini memberDr. oec. Paolo Pamini
Representing the Italian part of Switzerland in the Gold Franc Association

Lecturer in Law & Economics at ETHZ, Senior Tax and Legal Services 

"To secure gold ownership means strengthen freedom"


Roman memberDr. Ing Flaviu Roman
Vice President, representing the French part of Switzerland for the Gold Franc Association

Human-Computer Interaction Engineer EPFL Lausanne

“My years of experience in the financial markets have increased my interest in gold. Gold is more than a commodity. It’s monetary qualities makes it an ideal diversification of personal savings.”

Helena memberHelena Schulthess 

Head of membership support in the Gold Franc Association 

Self-employed musician and music teacher, arts administrator 

“Looking at the worldwide debt problems – with no end in sight - the gold coins initiative is a powerful and realistic alternative.”


Wyss memberKeith D. Wyss 

Treasurer of the Gold Franc Association 

Financial advisor, member of Young Liberals party

"The gold coins, in addition to the Franc, provide more financial security for all classes of society."

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Buying and selling of gold becomes easier and cheaper


Small denominations render gold coins useful for daily use


The Gold Coin Currency is protected by the Swiss Constitution

Bottom Line

The time is now...The new, additional Gold Coin Currency will make Switzerland more prosperous